I’m facing the people that have hurt me. 
As a code It seems people have the insistent faithfulness of seeing the one thing that will hurt. When they get close enough to touch it..like a child with an attractive stove they are overwhelmed with the need to do just that. Atleast that how it feels

The times IN MY LIFE when  I’ve been very open and vulnerable  sometimes young in age sometimes just lost in expertise it seems that those people took advantage of what they were suppose to protect. 

The were  completely responsible for the wound. But recently after a conversation with a friend Reginald  Perry who happens to be a pastor but still an all around amazing Guy lol. I really found some clarity. 

They may be responsible for the wound … But I am responsible for the infection. How I take care of the wounds in forgiveness is how I eliminate the infection. 

Words are heavy and maybe too much for me today But I know it’s the key to my freedom. Maybe yours as well.