Whose fault is it 

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Today, I am facing one of the hardest decisions of my life. It comes on the heels of one of the greatest questions of my life….. Have I wasted the last 8 years … It’s easy to blame someone else for my dissatisfaction. But where’s the potential for “amazing”in that.


Amazing can only be realized when I take responsibility of my moment. I will today. It may be easier if someone will with me… So will you? 

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  1. I have felt this way many times. Every single moment of the past 8 years adds up to the man you are today. God doesn’t waste anythung, He uses everything to get you to where He needs you to be spiritually. He prepares you for the next level in your life. He is constantly working behind the scenes on your behalf, even when it looks like nothing is happening. Elijah prayed repeatedly for rain until finally, he saw a cloud the size of a man’s hand. Don’t you give up now…rain is coming. Look again, pray again. Help is on the way. Love is coming! Look up.

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