Many people speak on “Love”. What love does and how love feels and how love hurts. I realize that a persons perception of love is a lot like their perception of clothes in fashion. Whatever is popularized has to be the right thing to spend top dollar on. They don’t consider that it’s just cheap clothes and a expensive branding budget.

Sidebar: I’m not afraid of the lack of money. In fact, money is like a hammer. It’s a tool for without application becomes useless and/or dangerous lol. I am however very concerned about the impact of my life on this generation and society as a whole. 
With that being said let me say something not so popular. Love is less of an action word and more of service word . Love isn’t something you prove its something you cover and give to without regard of reward because giving is the satisfaction of the exchange. Everything else can be called anything else but love. 

This is my passionate opinion my heart and my legacy …these are statements I haven’t perfected in application . Doesn’t make it less true.