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We live most days trying to convince ourselves that we have security that never really exist. Jobs and people projects and assignments weave in and out of our lives with expiration. It is with “the service of love” that we can heal properly and allow those seasons and relationships to release with great purpose into transition. This is the “love of letting go”

If you have read any of my earlier post “the service of love” would be a good one to join with this one

Some relationships don’t completely expire but very specific parts of them do. It’s good to know when to “Love enough to let go”. You may have the classic boyfriend and girlfriend scenario when he says “I can’t be with you anymore” and then goes off to college story in your mind. However, there are so many other relationships and seasons that are applicable to this principle. 

One example is …

The mistake of the Mentor. 

It is difficult for us to understand that we are to pour in part with people…so that they can then pour in part to others when their season comes to then Mentor. 

My story 

I have a story about a confrontation that happened when I was in the home of a good friend and dear brother, who for a very specific season became a mentor of sorts for me. Tyrese doesn’t like this story too much because he says that the message given wasn’t directly towards me but to others. My heart said something different. 

Well, Anita Baker came by (the amazing Voltron headquarters studio that you have probably seen) to listen to some music from the album that we were working on. There was some weird energy maybe frustration maybe writers block in our creative space. With all the singers, producers and the writers gathered into the control room. Anita begin scorning the moment by saying first 

“This is some amazing music but, this won’t always be. This is Tyrese’s space. This is his kingdom. Some attitudes you’re not going to be able to have until you get your own space in your own kingdom. In the meantime learn what you can from this moment and just produce the best product possible. 

I gathered two very important life lessons from that moment as a “mentee” #1 that this would be temporary and #2 that I would have my own. The worst thing for me to do would’ve been to outstay my welcome and miss what the relationship was to become.

New seasons may bring new dimensions to some of the same relationships but that doesn’t change the fact that they must and always need to be released. This release can only be healthy in the “service of love”. 

Last and most ultimately, even when relationships have stood against the hardest of blows we are then faced with the expiration of life itself. Always too soon …always

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  1. Valuable lesson. Better to expend our energy beginning the process of letting go than to become spent struggling against the inevitable.

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