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I’ve been overwhelmed by the little. Mostly, the stars and how close they seem to be to each other when they are in fact so far away. I asked one of my “enemies” to forgive me yesterday. I just woke up and said it’s over. It just didn’t feel the same anymore compared to those stars. The sun is peaking around the horizon now. Everything is waiting for it to show. It quietly influences everything in my world. I WANT TO LOVE LIKE THE SUN. My mornings are quiet and alarming. I LOVE you even if I’ve never met you. I LOVE YOU enough to tell you not to forget YOU. While the universe reacts you have the will to respond. That is your light influencing everything in their world. Oh I’m not anti God or ashamed of Christ lol. Have you ever been in love? Well, you never have to tell anyone who the center of your love belongs too. It’s etiquette I guess, but the true “tell” is told when you are with them and everyone knows just by watching you reflect their love. If I always have to tell you … I’m not much of a reflection am I?

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  1. Dear Leon
    Love to hear and worship with you. You are a man that longs to be in true love with the woman God has prepared for you. With your submission to the Lord I hope you find her soon. God bless.


  2. Hey Leon
    So my take away from this post is the part about reflecting the love of the one who loves you. This is indeed a journey… We know God’s love is the purest, most consistent, and sometimes the hardest to understand… The reason you and I are able to forgive is this perfect love.. This love that holds those stars in place… The love that reminds me that I should forgive because I am forgiven… I can look over faults because love is looking over mine… Thank you for being an inspiration…

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