If I fail 

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So much of my life has been motivated by another’s idea or the way I perceived people wanted me to be. It’s like chasing a ghost. Never measuring up never finding peace. Simply because I didn’t trust that I was smart cleaver or clear enough to do it myself or trust God for myself. Recently, I discovered an “If I fail” attitude. Simply stated “if I fail … So what” Maybe my failure is apart of my making …and if I keep avoiding the mud I won’t see that it’s not so life altering. It’s just mud. It’s just the consequence of an action or choice. Ultimately, I won’t have the vantage point that only the mud can give. 

“If I fail” I have no one to blame but me. Accepting my part in an action gives me the only kind of accountability that I can grow from. Failure can be beautiful too. Seeing the truth of you is beautiful and that is no more seen than  in processing failing moments. “Hills are beautiful but valley grow vegetation” 

There is freedom in saying it … “I’m going to try this and if I fail …so what. Im more ready for what’s next.”

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