I want God, I don’t want to be a star..

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I wrote a song entitled “I want God” the most memorable part was the second layer of the chorus that said “I don’t want to be a star, I want to be a son” I remember it reverberating through me as I penned those words 
During a very interesting point in my Life. My album Soul Sessions was not selling and the ambiguity of my sound kept me in a place of not being commercial enough. 

Over the years Ive come to realize that the biggest misconception of the song was one assuming that I meant the problem was in me being a “secular music” star.

I would like to bring context and clarity to the principle that I believe God branded my life with Commercial/Secular music was never my problem. My problem existed in me being ok with being honest about my message even it it doesn’t qualify a genre specific “win”. 

Truth is Gospel Music has always been my battle. Because I am in love with Jesus the choice to not work the low hanging fruit of that music scene as an exclusive artist meant that I had to miss all of the opportunities accolades and benefits it had to offer. That’s never felt good.To be ok with being me when it isn’t enough to attract the support that comes with being genre-specific. 

Being a son meant knowing the message and demonstrating the message with my life without the benefit of the affirmation. It meant taking the message of Sunday and applying it to a Monday morning “you make me smile”or “you’re my darling …

15 years of being Leon Timbo publicly Being The worship expression married to the message of universal Love larger than any one of its parts. I’ve dodged stardom by not being quiet about my faith while not being afraid of the sensual and sexy examples. My fans love me even if some of them are more comfortable with one part of me. Lol. It can be a tough road but it is most satisfying. Now I can say to you be a son” let your affirmation only come from ABBA from Daddy. Why you ask? I’ll tell you:

1. Success by any other standard that “sonship” has the aggressive potential to be our largest distraction.

2. It is easy to confuse profit with purpose 

3. We will live dissatisfied and the longer we are the more difficult it is to find the space we were created for. 

This month August 26th my Album releases in the  US “What Loves all About”  and Ive never been more clear about my message, salvation and how a God washes us with HIS words. These words applied in life introduces  God into those moments. 

“Change begins with LOVE”

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2 thoughts on “I want God, I don’t want to be a star..

  1. Thanks for your transparency. My husband & I found you on YouTube a month ago. Your music is like no other. Your obedience (with the Spirit of God working through you) will propel the hearts of men & women to turn to God. – Keturah Ford

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