The service of Love

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​ Many people speak on “Love”. What love does and how love feels and how love hurts. I realize that a persons perception of love is a lot like their perception of clothes in fashion. Whatever is popularized has to be the right thing to spend top dollar on. They […]

The love of letting go …

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​ We live most days trying to convince ourselves that we have security that never really exist. Jobs and people projects and assignments weave in and out of our lives with expiration. It is with “the service of love” that we can heal properly and allow those seasons and relationships […]

I am the problem .

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I’ve recently realized that every situation of abuse I’ve assessed in my life was a result of my enabling it. A hard pill to swallow however when I finally accepted responsibility I finally had the power to change it. Saying nothing is agreement someone told me years ago. I’m finally […]

If I fail 

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So much of my life has been motivated by another’s idea or the way I perceived people wanted me to be. It’s like chasing a ghost. Never measuring up never finding peace. Simply because I didn’t trust that I was smart cleaver or clear enough to do it myself or […]

Why forgiveness is so hard 

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I’m facing the people that have hurt me.  As a code It seems people have the insistent faithfulness of seeing the one thing that will hurt. When they get close enough to touch a child with an attractive stove they are overwhelmed with the need to do just that. […]

Judging Love 

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I’m so grateful that Gods love isn’t motivated by your acceptance of the way that I love him back  We are afraid of what we do not understand. With that being said we attempt to place all things in boxes of comprehension. When one or more of those things don’t […]

Whose fault is it 

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Today, I am facing one of the hardest decisions of my life. It comes on the heels of one of the greatest questions of my life….. Have I wasted the last 8 years … It’s easy to blame someone else for my dissatisfaction. But where’s the potential for “amazing”in that. […]