We believe music brings people together. We believe that community engagement and participation is integral to transform communities. We believe through creative arts we can impact change and strengthening cultural values and building community.

UNIFI is a collective of artists, advocates, community leaders, activists and do-gooders that have come together to positively impact the community to create change and address the social issues that plague our community. We are committed to using our voice and influence to raise awareness and much needed resources to address issues of human rights ranging from restoration of disenfranchised communities, empowering women and girls, uplifting the plight of men and boys of color and elevating the disparities health and access issues. Our mission is to empower individuals and communities through the creative arts and engagement, providing creatives the opportunity to use their platform and influence to positively impact communities and address social justice issues for good.





This inaugural benefit concert will unite music lovers of all kinds to help raise much-needed funds and awareness for organizations local area nonprofits during our multi-city national tour. Kicking off the tour we are serving and highlighting the efforts of Just City and Memphis Union Mission. Learn more about the Just City and their organization here. Learn more about Memphis Union Mission and all that they do to serve the community here.

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GET INVOLVED! Sponsorship and donation opportunities are available now. Contact us at UNIFI4CHANGE@GMAIL.COM.