He lifts his voice and something just like magic happens.  His first note.  The enchantment.  Your heart opens.  Then you smile.  Leon Timbo delivers everything you need in music. You listen and you know its genuine.  Raw, jagged, unrefined soul laced with pure, silky, captivating vocals.  He delivers transparency.  With every emotionally enriched, love-centric tune, his transparency forces us to also be transparent.

He began singing at age 16.  At 20 he picked up the acoustic guitar.  Somewhere between the development of his warm smoky croon and plucking out gorgeous three-string chords he heard the sound of falling in love.  It was there his personal truth was born.  Today his music teems with life and love.  Every spiritually-charged song challenges and uplifts.  It takes us to a place of honesty and vulnerability where unfeigned devotion is supreme.

While others wonder how to categorize the spiritual, folksy, soulful, blues-laden, R&B-spiked, Motown-influenced delivery of the Jacksonville, Florida native, he has been busy being unable to be categorized. His expressive style and range offers logical explanation for his broad-based appeal and in his eclectic authenticity he has managed to sing his way into the hearts of industry favorites Quincy Jones, R. Kelly, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds, and more.  His big break came in 2008 while performing at Bishop T. D. Jake’s The Potter’s House.  Immediately after his rousing set, he was approached by Grammy-nominated R&B singer-songwriter Tyrese Gibson.  There was no question in Tyrese’s mind that it was time the world knew about the masterpiece that is Leon Timbo.  Leon’s life changed when Tyrese spoke the words, “Dude. I don’t know what just happened, but whatever just happened I want to happen tonight at my show.”  That night, Timbo opened for Tyrese at the House of Blues in Dallas, setting the foundation for a friendship and brotherhood that would place him before some of the biggest names in the industry.

After several months of working with music’s elite, Timbo signed to Riverphlo Entertainment.  Introducing Leon Timbo, his first EP on the label, fulfills the artistic promise a bevy of industry heavyweights have seen in the guitar-toting virtuoso including Edmonds who has said, “Leon Timbo is going to take this industry by storm.  He’s diverse and he has the natural charisma it takes to stand out in a sea of artist.”

Timbo sings from a place of organic truth.  He confesses that his songs are birthed in a secret place at depths few are willing to travel.  You won’t hear anything superficial or surface in his raw weighty lyrics.  For instance, the inspired prose accompanied by his gentle tone in “What Took You So Long” epitomizes the spiritual connection a man feels when he’s met with the love of his life.  “There’s something bigger than me, bigger than you that’s connected us,” says Timbo.  “It’s just taken us this long to find out what it is.  It’s about the idea that our relationship is bigger than surface and that because it’s bigger than surface, nothing surface should be able to deter us from our future.  I like speaking on that because there’s a space for it, a gap.  It’s that thing that not many people happen to be speaking on right now.”

He goes deeper into the meaning of friendship than most on “Don’t Call.”  Here Timbo speaks of a profound and multi-layered connection between two people who despite all and against all have chosen to be there for one another.  It personifies what it means to be able to call on a real friend and what it means to be a real friend.  “It’s a reflection of something that I missed personally and that I think, as a principle, we’ve missed,” he says.  “We’ve missed someone being there for us without an agenda, someone loving us because they love us.”

The poignant yet impressively mature and texture-rich “Miss Me” is a passionate song about the agony caused by an unfulfilled relationship.  “It speaks more to the idea that I’m worth more than neglect,” Timbo says.  “It speaks to the idea that I see myself this way and so whoever loves me should love me this way.  If they don’t, I have to love me enough not to be where they are.”

Artistically, Leon Timbo is passionate about what love is and what love is not.  He stands poised to be the voice without reservation that expresses accurately the difference between the two. “I feel like the emptiness in musical expression stems from us being afraid to be transparent, to not be perfect, to not do it right, to not just say ‘I’m sorry,’ but to actually be transparent enough to say why. Without that, I think we’re missing a huge piece of what our music is. Being that that’s who I am, I feel like I’m special – and that my message is special – for this moment.”


I make no apologies for MY PASSIONATE VIEW on who and what rescued me. Who inspires me to give this love message….